Top Related Post Widgets for Blogger

Original Hack by Hoctro

Hoctro was the first one probably to design such a hack, and was the most popular hack by him. Since Hoctro is back to designing better widgets, so he has released an updated version and hence this hack has been deprecated.

Tweaked hack by Jackbook

Jackbook had tweaked the the Original hack by Hoctro, and made it a single install widget, and also removed current article being listed in related articles. So the hack is quite simple and you can try it out too. My say: Read on - better hacks are coming. Jackbook – related post widget

New and Better Hack by Hoctro

Hoctro is back and with a Bang. Not only did he got a better widget, but also optimized it with Google Ajax API. So you Wish to get a widget for your Blogger website, you can go with it , even with your eyes closed. Hoctro has given detailed explanations in his post, on how to’s about the Widget. He is one of the best hack creators for Blogger, and feel free to ask him about the Widget. Related Articles widget for Blogger by Hoctro.

New and Different hack by RealTrix

Debajyoti has created a new widget for related posts, and this is the One which I am currently using on my Blog with some Modifications. All Credits to Debajyoti for this beautiful widget. He too has given full details about the installation and is very simple to install. Go ahead and try the Related Post widget by Realtrix.

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