Hints to decide where to host your blog

I decided that the first thing I need to have is a website or a blog of some kind to create an online presence. I decided to have a blog because It is a more reliable way to be online as free web page providers tend to go down without warning. Atleast a blog can stay online far longer than that(and for FREE!).

Yahoo 360, Is the blogging service that yahoo provides. You can start using Yahoo blogs if you already have a Yahoo ID. There are no additional hassles for signing up for their blogging services seperately. Yahoo blogs are for complete newbies. You can fill in the content in minutes and your blog is ready. Yahoo 360, however doesnt allow modifications to the template or adding external scripts and functionalities. Yahoo 360

Msn spaces is the blogging service of MSN/Microsoft. Like yahoo it also gives limited options to customize the template of your blog. Although they are suited for complete newbies. The drag and drop interface requires no HTML knowledge and no programming experience to set up your blog. MSN Spaces

Other free popular blogging services are Wordpress , Livejournal , Movabletype , Multiply .

Why did I choose Blogger.com then? Firstly it was owned by http://www.google.com which is providing these services for free. Since Google is a big company, It is certain that It will not close down or commercialize these free services in near future. Also It gives a great opportunity to earn a little revenue from the blog or any web page using "google adsense". If you are interested in signing up for it, there is a link to the adsense on the right pane of this page.

What is a $0 challenge?

What are the things that other people add to their blogs to make it look cool! or hot! or sexy? I learnt that there are so many resources and addons that people can use on their blogs to improve the look of their blogs or add functionality to their blog. Many of these blog stuff and blog things are free of cost. The only challenge is to find the right things for your blog. Although this blog aims to be a guide for the bloggers, many of the hints, tips, hacks etc. are also relevant for personal website who look for third party enhancements for their site.

What is life without a little challenge? The Zero Dollar Challenge is the motivating factor of this blog, A personal review on the free internet blog things and stuff and a dummies guide to get started in blogging and a directory for finding those cool things for their blog/website for those, Who have never blogged before.

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