Beware of new worm spreading through Skype, Yahoo Messenger news

Bkis researchers report that a worm targeting Yahoo! Messenger users is now also targeting users of Skype.

"The malware arrives via instant message through Yahoo or Skype with any one of a number of messages, including 'Does my new hair style look good? bad? perfect?' or 'My printer is about to be thrown through a window if this pic won't come out right. You see anything wrong with it?' Bkis wrote in a blog post," writes CNET News' Elinor Mills.

"The message includes a link to a Web page that looks like it leads to a JPEG, or image file," Mills writes. "When the link is clicked on, the browser displays an interface that looks like the RapidShare Web hosting site and offers up a ZIP file for download. The extracted file is actually an executable file with a .com extension."

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