Falkner Press: Magazine style Blogger Template

Falkner Press template has so many cool features including Automatic Thumbnails and Automatic Post summarize on homepage, Youtube video integration,etc.
This was converted from a wordpress theme designed by CamelGraph.com.

Main Features:
* Automatic Thumbnails on posts
* Automatic Post Summarize
* Featured Content Slider
* Adsense ready
* PSD Custom Logo Included
* Youtube Video embedding Integrated
* Fully SEO Optimized
* Advertisement Block Ready
* 3 Columns
* Social Bookmarking Icons
* Twitter Updates widget
* Feedburner Email Subscription ready
* Thumbnails on Recent Posts in Sidebar
* Integrated Search box
* Beautiful top Navigation bar
* Cross-browser compatible

Google Wave : The future of communication

Finally unveiled after years of development under the codename “Walkabout,” Google Wave combines popular features from across the web — feeds, shared documents, photo galleries, etc. — to redefine online communication. At least that’s the goal. Its creators, Lars and Jens Rasmussen (the braintrust behind Google Maps), even say they set out to break down traditional modes of communication — email and instant messaging — to find a system more in sync with how web users prefer to talk today. The result looks promising.

At a basic level, Wave is part chat room, part collaborative document. You and your friends belong to a page that any of you can add information to, and it will show up for everyone in real time. And this information comes in many different forms: images, videos, links, comments, event invitations, polls, blog entries, and the like. It’s an ongoing conversation — with rich content.

Which AdSense Format Size Earn More Money?

AdSense publishers can earn most income from three types of ad formats. This formats are very familiar for expert web masters. Wider formats are successful because the ads are compact, easy to read and are complementary to the content. The top three Google AdSense formats are:
  • Large Rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Medium rectangle(300×250)
  • Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)
Another successful format is the 468×15 horizontal ad links, that can be placed under your navigation bar.

A Professional Blogger Template from Woork

A professional looking blogger template "Daily Inspired" from Antonio Lupetti for all Blogger users for free.The template design supports easy integration of third-party ads (both AdSense and custom 125×125 banners), Twitter, Job board, Flickr pictures, delicious bookmarks, and you may also embed RSS feeds via the FeedBurner service.

Download this Blogger Template

Free Automatic RSS Submit Utility

Allscoop RSS Submit Pro instantly and automatically submits your RSS feeds and blogs to all of the major RSS feed directories on the Internet.

RSS feeds are the fastest growing way to promote your site. Submit your blog or other RSS feed to directories will help to drive traffic to your site and blog. RSS Submit Pro can site submit your site to all the major RSS directories in just a few minutes. This freeware RSS software works on all Windows platforms and is a snap to install.

At the initial step, you record the required information to the offered form for every feed, and next you submit to all included site in a single click. Feed resubmission will leave you to make several clicks to initiate automatic submission process.

Microsoft launches new search engine Bing.com

The new four-letter word in your life is Bing. Whether you'll bother to try it or not, Microsoft has great hopes for it. Bing is the latest iteration of Microsoft's search engine, and it's innovative enough for Microsoft to try to rebrand what used to be called Live Search and spend around $80-$100m on promotion.

Bing was announced today by Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer at D7, the conference run by the Wall Street Journal's technology site, All Things Digital. Microsoft's staff have been using it for many months under a different name: Kumo.

It will be available to American users next Wednesday, 3 June, and UK users should have access to a beta version.

The new search engine has a number of innovative features, the main one being what Microsoft calls the Explorer pane on the left hand side. When you search for things, the Explorer pane finds results for related searches. This should be a big help for less experienced searches who aren't adept at querying search engines.

Related Posts Widget for Blogger with Photo Thumbnails

LinkWithin is a widget that links to related stories from your archive under each story on your blog.It crawls all your blog and then randomly selects the related articles.
There are no ads in the widget and you do not even have to register in their website to use the widget.

Simply visit LinkWithin, enter the details, click on "Get Widget". In the new page, click on Install Widget button, and the widget will be ready for your blog.

4 Column clean white Blogger Template

New blogger template 4 column created and designed by lawnys. It's simple template with white background and black border.
Features of this template
Fonts and colors can be customized through your Blogger dashboard
Fully widgetized sidebars and navigation links beneath the header

Demo | Download

Adsense Blogger Template

Magnificent blogger template optimized for Adsense. Increase your adsense revenue by using this template. Template resembles main template of Blogger.com.
Exquisite header gives eye catching look to entire template.
Category : 3 Column, Adsense Friendly, Ads Theme, White, Grey,

How to get multiple backlinks to your Blog?

Xtreme Blog Hunter offers the easiest and fastest way to generate a huge list of related blogs in any niche you choose which does not have the ‘nofollow’ attribute. Searching for blogs without the ‘nofollow’ attribute is extremely time consuming, since you need to inspect the source code of each blogs individually, or use the lists of the nofollow blogs prepared by others.

Thus you are able to locate the best blogs you can leave comments on and build multiple free backlinks to your website instantly!
You can even enter your own domain before the blog search and the software tell you if the blog already has your link and what anchor text used. Many bloggers consider the backlinks creation approach as one of the most important in a way of your PR improvement and related search traffic boost.

What can Xtreme Blog Hunter do for you?
  • Generate a huge blog list in any niche in seconds.
  • Build 1000’s of quality backlinks to your website instantly.
  • Locate blogs which does not have the “nofollow” attribute.
  • Attract Free blog traffic to your website.
  • and much more…
Operating System
WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows Media Center Edition 2005, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise

Customize your Feedburner Chicklet

Check Your Web Site In Different Versions Of Internet Explorer

IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by Internet Explorer 7,6 or 5.5, as seen from a high speed datacenter located in Germany. Just type in a URL in the field above and try it out - it's free!

Unlike other screenshot services, we are able to process a large number of capturing jobs in parallel and in realtime, making it the fastest service that we know of.

This web rendering tool is ideally suited for web designers working on Apple iMac and Linux workstations. It allows to verify web designs natively on all popular Internet Explorer versions, without the need to set aside several physical or virtual Microsoft Windows PCs just for that purpose.

Integrate A Free Forum To Your Site or Blog

What is Forumotion?
Forumotion is a professional, easy to use, free forum hosting service. We offer you the best free forums softwares: PhpBB 2 and 3, Invision (IPB) and PunBB! Our free message boards will provide you with the best quality and stability you can get in free forum hosting. Create a forum today and start your community!

Effective adsense layout or positioning for maximum clicks

Placing the Ads in the places with greater visibility and maximum probability of clicking, yields best results. See the images below with colored blocks which kind of tell us that those are the areas with maximum visibility and higher chances of getting clicked. Placing your AdSense in the areas as per the images below may increase the chances of your visitors clicking on the Ads but remember there are other things also which must be kept in mind to increase the click ratio, such as color blending of Ads, keywords in content, number of impressions, visits etc,. And since every website is different, you may experiment and determine the best Ad position yourself.

Layout #1. Ad positioning for a web site with header[top], footer[bottom], navigation bar[left], content in the middle. Good for either static or dynamic content on the page.

AdSense Optimization Layout #1

Layout #2. Ad positioning for website with lengthy article/content on the page. People when scroll down after reading the article will see an Ad and chances of clicking it to navigate out of the page is quite high.

AdSense Optimization Layout #2

Layout #3. Another way of placing Ad in the site with the skyscrapper placed on left. It more or less looks will like a navigation bar with links, right blending of colors increases click rate.

AdSense Optimization Layout #3

Layout #4. Placing the Ad Link unit on left hand side inside the navigation bar makes it look like a part of navigation and provides different topics on which people can click on. On the right and in the content, placing a square 125×125 or 200×200 ad format layout is always good. It increases the chances of someone clicking on it if it also serves image Ads.

AdSense Optimization Layout #4

Layout #5. Same as above but placing the square Ad in the navigation bar on the right hand side.

AdSense Optimization Layout #5

Layout #6. Same as #4 but with the square Ad unit in the content is placed on left. If you blend it well with the site color, you will see an immediate increase in the click rate.

AdSense Optimization Layout #6

Layout #7. One of the unusual site designs. I have seen it on a couple of websites which are highly successful with Ads. Of course, you can replace the skyscrapper on right with small units of AdSense or Ad units of any other Ad programs.

AdSense Optimization Layout #7

Layout #8. For a site with no footer, place a wide Ad unit as a footer. An Ad Links unit can be placed in the right or left navigation bar.

AdSense Optimization Layout #8

Please do focus on your content too! Your AdSense optimization will be more successful with more number of people visiting your site.

'world's oldest blogger' dies

A Spanish grandmother who became an Internet sensation after dubbing herself the "world's oldest blogger" has died at 97.

Maria Amelia Lopez, who died Wednesday, began blogging from her home in Galicia two years ago, winning a raft of fans with her eclectic mix of commentary and nostalgia infused with a sharp wit.

She was introduced to the Internet when her grandson set up the blog as a gift to mark her 95th birthday.

It proved a great escape, Lopez later writing: "On December 23rd 2006, my grandson gave me a present, this blog when I was 95 years old ... and my life changed ... now, I can communicate and interact with the world."

She wrote and video blogged about her experiences opposing Franco's regime, modern politics -- covering topics ranging from the Basque separatist threat to Iran's nuclear ambitions -- and poignantly discussed what it was like to grow old.

Her fame even saw Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero drop in for a chat. Visit Maria Amelia Lopez's blog

In one of her last postings in February she said: "When I'm on the Internet, I forget about my illness. The distraction is good for you -- being able to communicate with people. It wakes up the brain, and gives you great strength."

Her family left a posthumous post, thanking readers for their support.

"[There were] 880 days when her blog made her happy... the support she needed to enjoy her last days of life," they wrote.

"When somebody leaves after 97 years, living with joy from the beginning to the end, we can't be sad.

"Wherever you are, grandmother, you will read these comments, all of them without doubt. She will laugh at some, will learn with others, she might get annoyed at the specific 'language' used in some ... but she will be happy reading all of them."

Google Analyticator :Google Analytics Visitor Counter for WordPress Blogs

Google Analyticator adds the necessary JavaScript code to enable Google Analytics logging on any WordPress blog. This eliminates the need to edit your template code to begin logging.

Google Analyticator is brought to you for free by Spiral Web Consulting. Spiral Web Consulting is a small web development firm specializing in PHP development. Visit our website to learn more, and don't hesitate to ask us to develop your next big WordPress plugin idea.


Google Analyticator Has the Following Features:

  • NEW: Google Analytics API support. Includes a stats widget showing yesterday's visitors. More stats to come!
  • Standard Google Analytics tracking support
  • External link tracking of all links on the page, including links not managed by WordPress
  • Download link tracking
  • Support for hiding Administrator visits without effecting Google Analytics' site overlay feature
  • Support for any advanced tracking code Google provides
  • Easily installable only requiring the user knows their UID
  • Allows code to be placed in the footer to ensure faster load times
  • Complete control over options; disable any feature if needed

Sell blogs on Amazon Kindle

Bloggers have something more than the reader community to rejoice, thanks to Amazon. Close on the heels of rolling out large-format electronic reading device Kindle DX, Amazon.com has now rolled out its new Kindle Publishing for Blogs, a self-publishing service that facilitates the sale of blog subscriptions through the Kindle Store.

The new feature is delivered automatically throughout the day over Kindle's wireless connection. According to Information Week, the posts can can be read with or without a wireless connection as they are downloaded completely, rather than as the excerpts often made available through RSS feeds. Amazon, however, has not made it clear whether the updates would be frequent.

The report added that Amazon would keeps 70 per cent of the monthly blog subscription fee and pay 30 per cent to the blog author.

It would also not allow bloggers to decide the price at which they wish to sell their blog subscriptions. According to Amazon.com, it reserves the right to determine the sale price based on what it deems is a fair value for customers. It would also provide no information on how it would arrive at the fair value. It has currently priced blogs between 99 cents and $1.99 a month.

Further, it has also made it particularly clear that it would not allow bloggers offer subscriptions for free. However, it has exempted itself from that rule.

101 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic and Promote Your Blog

1. Join MyBlogLog, add friends, and join communities.
2. Sign up for Technorati and ping it when your blog content changes.
3. Use a ping service like pingomatic to ping RSS aggregators.
4. Submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.
5. Use trackbacks.
6. Leave comments on blogs in related niches.
7. Tell your friends about your blog and specific posts.
8. Put your blog URL in your forum signatures.
9. Create link bait.
10. Tell Your newsletter subscribers about your blog.
11. Write press releases for your blog.
12. Link liberally to other blogs in your posts (many bloggers check who links to them).
13. Tag your posts using Technorati tags or a tag plug-in.
14. Submit your posts to multiple social bookmarking sites using OnlyWire.
15. Use Stumbleupon to stumble your posts.
16. Answer questions on Yahoo answers with the answers on your blog.
17. Answer questions on forums related to your niche with a link to one of your blog posts that answers the question.
18. Set up a feed on MyYahoo so that Yahoo keeps better track of your blog.
19. Make lists (My Top 5…, Ten Things…, etc.). Many of the most popular blog posts are lists like this one.
20. Use pictures. Most of the top trafficed blogs use pictures in their posts.
21. Use video on your blog.
22. Find out what people want to learn about in your blog’s niche and write about it.
23. Be the first to break a news story.
24. Use keyword research to find good keywords to use in your posts.
25. Write controversial posts.
26. Strongly Agree or strongly disagree with other bloggers and write about it with a link to their post.
27. Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your RSS feed.
28. Make it easy for your readers to Digg your posts.
29. Ask your readers to submit your posts to social bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, etc.).
30. Interview well known people in your industry (it’s working well for me).
31. Give credit to the blogs that inspire your posts.
32. Don’t be boring.
33. Write for beginners.
34. Participate in group writing projects.
35. Participate in blog memes.
36. Create a blog meme and tag your friends.
37. Participate in blog carnivals.
38. Post at different times of the day.
39. Submit your best posts to article directories.
40. Write Killer Content .
41. Start a group blog. These tend to get more traffic, because more people are creating conent and more people are promoting it.
42. Have guest posters.
43. Create a blog meme and tag an A-list blogger who you like.
44. Submit your blog to regular web directories (like DMOZ, etc.).
45. Join SpicyPage and promote your blog on it.
46. Join a blog webring.
47. Sign up for BlogWoods and promote your blog on it.
48. Join LinkAndBlog and do link and blog challenges.
49. Submit your best posts to Netscape.
50. Exchange Ads (not blogroll links) with complementary blogs.
51. Trade blog roll links with related blogs.
52. Sign up for Rojo. Subscribe to your feed and click “add mojo” on your better articles.
53. Add a plug-in to notify users of new comments (I REALLY need to do this).
54. Make it easy for your visitors to submit your post to ALL social bookmarking sites (not just Digg).
55. Add a tell-a-friend script or plug-in to your posts.
56. Make it easy for your visitors to bookmark your page in their browser.
57. Make it easy for people to link to your blog.
58. Use easy to read fonts.
59. Use a professional looking blog design.
60. Make your blog easy to navigate.
61. Highlight your most popular posts.
62. Write posts that ask provocative questions.
63. Use questions for the title of your blog posts (you knew that was coming).
64. Use good keywords in your post titles.
65. Reply to every question you get through email.
66. Reply to every question you get on your blog.
67. E-mail other bloggers about your really good post(s) (breaking news posts).
68. Offer free stuff related to your niche (tools, ebooks, etc).
69. Run a contest.
70. Publish videos on YouTube with the URL for your site at the beginning and end of the video.
71. Install a translation plug-in or use a translation service to translate your blog into foreign languages.
72. Put Your URL on everything that goes out of your house (business cards, stationary, mailing labels, etc.).
73. Go through listible.com’s list of web 2.0 sites and promote your blog on all web 2.0 sites that apply.
74. Search for Wikis related to your niche to submit your blog to. For example, for this blog the search phrase would be “make money online wiki” or “internet marketing wiki”.
75. Give regular polls (use a poll plug-in like democracy for this).
76. Add trivia quiz pages.
77. Add ecard pages.
78. Add a forum for your visitors to discuss more on your niche.
79. Add a wiki to your blog .
80. Join Hubpages and post links to your blog from articles you write.
81. Join Blink List and make a list of blogs with your blog in it.
82. Join 43 Things and write a list of 43 things you want to achieve (include your blog url in the list).
83. Join Blogger Party (and/or other free blog systems). Then write posts that link back to your blog.
84. Make a Squidoo lens (or more than one) with a link to your blog.
85. Provide Wikipedia articles with links to your blog where it makes sense.
86. Tell people you will link back to them if they review your blog (like John Chow).
87. Join Blog Catalog (kind of like MyBlogLog).
88. Create a MySpace Page. Put your blog on it, and get some friends.
89. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
90. Use good grammar. People will be happy with your writing.
91. Submit your blog to directories in your niche.
92. Email or Instant message your friends to Digg, stumbelupon, etc. your post.
93. Link to your blog from other websites and blogs you own.
94. Write a post about the top x bloggers in your niche or state or country, etc. Then tell them about, so they will want to link back to you.
95. Promote your posts on related newsgroups.
96. Post frequently.
97. Submit your site to free website review sites like coolsiteoftheday.
98. Search for .edu sites with link pages, forums, directories, and wikis to submit your link to.
99. Give out blogging awards and tell the bloggers you are giving the awards to about it.
100. Pray. (That’s just always good advice)...
101. Make a 101 list.

Convert any file into a web site

File2.ws is a free website that converts any of your own files into a public online web page. Every converted file to a web page has a unique web address so you can share it with friends, or other people on the internet. This allows information to be shared quickly and efficiently to a large audience.

Main Features:
  • Fastest download speeds
  • No download limits
  • No CAPTCHA codes
  • Multiple simultaneous downloads and uploads
  • Unlimited page bandwidth
  • No sign up required
  • No software to install
  • Link directly to the generated web page
Supported Files:
  • image/photo files (jpeg, gif, png, svg...)
  • audio formats (mp3, ogg...)
  • documents (doc, pdf, odt, txt, rtf, ppt...)
  • programming source code (java, php, cpp...)
  • web documents (html, htm, swf...)
  • archive (zip, rar, tar...)
  • video, fonts, chemical file formats and more
  • all into a widely accessible web page!
  • Files are limited to 15 MB.
  • File2 is not a backup service, any file or page may be deleted at anytime with or without warning.

My Comment: While the offerings are descent and produced link looks professional, I use this service as secondary for the file sharing due to the limitations and lack of incentives. My primary files sharing host is Ziddu, primarily because of the ability to generate additional income through sharing the downloaded files. For me, it is not so significant, but why not gather some extra cents, whenever possible?

Bmagazine premium blogger template


Demo | Download

My main aim was to provide blogger template which looks other premium wordpress themes  and users of Blogger.com feel good when they use this design on their blogs . Theme is created by Nitesh Kothari and Themetoday and we hope that you will like this template . Theme is very easy to edit and customize and all important blogger widgets are added in it .  Tutorial of this blogger template will be updated soon too .

Bmagazine premium Template has 100 Salient Features :


1. Magazine style premium blogger template
2. Highly customizable
3. All browsers Supported
4. Day and Date - blogger hack (
Know More)
5. Updates section above header
6. Facebook style lightbox - Facebox (
Know More)
7. Multi Level Drop down menu V 1.1 - Browser support: FF1+ IE6+ Opera8+ (
Know More)
8. Subnavbar - one click show and hide
9. Three column middle box
10. Dedicated space at homepage (just above Content area , so you can add anything you like ).
11. Bookmark icons below Post title.
12. Embedded Comment Form
13. Go to top and bottom buttons (
Know More)
14. Links in sidebar widget tile.
15. 4 Column Footer. (Fixed height)
100. It is a very unique blogger template inspired by many websites .

This theme has some javascripts and images created by other designers which we collected from free sources and I thanks to all those creators also .

Evidens : A new 3 column, full width theme from Design Disease

Featuring both White and Dark variations, this modern/industrial theme is both elegant and edgy at the same time. The three column layout is perfect for adsense and text link integration. The design features ample space for your blog content, making sure you have room for the latest widescreen web video, as well as bright, beautiful images. Advanced options like Flickr Photostream and Twitter integration allow you to keep up with the latest social networking trends, and update your site’s content anywhere, anytime.

The modern/industrial look of the theme gives it almost infinite versatility, making it a perfect fit for blog topics ranging from technology, men’s interests, and even fashion design. Also be sure to check out PremiumThemes.com, a new project from Design Disease.

A special feature of this theme is the logo changer. You can use the default WordPress setting (“blog name”) or you can use your own logo. Upload your logo in the root folder of Evidens theme and name it logo.png. You can also use the PSD Logo Template in the source folder of Evidens Theme. (Image limitations: No more than 500px/70px).

If you want to activate this option go to:

Administration Panel > Appearance > Logo Options, and select logo type.

Evidens White


Evidens Dark


Install Wordpress Easily Without the help of Fantastico

Not all hosting companies offer Fantastico, though, and maybe you already signed up on one and can’t change now. For those people there is a new tool called EasyWP Install. It is basically a PHP script that you need to upload to your server and execute by accessing www.yourdomain.com/easywp.php. The script will then download all the WordPress files automatically and put them on your server. After that you will just need to finish the installation by going through the WordPress setup.

The script is obviously free and licensed under the GPL, so check it out.

How to Set A Future Publication Date for Posts In Blogger

1. Create a post for your Blogger blog as usual

2. Click on the Post Options link found at the bottom left corner of the Compose box and directly above the Publish Post button

3. Set the specified date and time you wish your post to be published on

Set date options for Blogger posts
4. Click on the Publish Post button

If you have set a retrospective date your post will be published immediately and you will be able to view it in your blog archives.

Scheduled Blogger Post Message
If you set a future date your post will be scheduled for publication. Click on the link to Edit Posts and view your post in the list. It should be at the top of the list. Notice that it will marked "scheduled" in red. When the exact date and time set is arrived at Blogger will publish your post automatically.

Blogger identifies posts as scheduled in Edit Posts list

In this tutorial I have discussed reasons why you might choose to set your own user defined post date for your Blogger posts. I have also shown you how to go about setting a different post date through the Post Options feature in Blogger.

How To Place Google Adsense to the Header (Above the Title)

If you want to add Google Adsense to your header for instance above the title you can by adjusting your template to give you the option of adding more than one widget to the header area.

1. Login to Blogger and navigate to Layout > Edit HTML

2. Back up your template as a precaution by downloading the full template to your computer

3. Check the Expand Widgets Template box

4. Find the following code. Easiest way is to select CTRL + F to bring up the toolbar. Then enter <div id='outer-wrapper'> into the find box:

5. Replace maxwidgets='1' with maxwidgets='3'

6. Save Template

7. Navigate to Layout > Page Elements and view the new option to add a gadget to the header area

Add a Gadget to the Header to insert Google Adsense

8. Click on Add a Gadget and select Google Adsense.

9. Choose the type of ad unit you want. For this example I chose a new linked 728x15 ad unit from the dropdown format menu for an ad that would sit above the title. Configure colors if necessary. Color blending is usually done automatically by Blogger according to the color schema of your template.

10. Click Save

11. Click View Blog to see your new Google Adsense unit in place. all going well your new ad unit should appear look something like the image below

39 Best Freeware Blog Desktop Publishing Utilities

As I mentioned in my previous post, many bloggers look forward on using stand-alone desktop applications to prepare their blog post before publishing them. WriteToMyBlog provides free web-based solution, but it has several drawbacks:
  1. You need Internet connection when you work with the site.
  2. You depend entirely on the site functionality and operation speed.
  3. You have to provide your login data to get connected to your publishing platform, which many users do not feel comfortable to do.
Desktop Blog publishing utilities, while having their own problems, successfully bypass the noted limitations. You can work offline on your article generation and formatting, and publish it as soon as it is ready. That saves valuable online time and traffic, if your data plan is not unlimited.

In the Rating list, I am going to present today, I listed free software assisting bloggers in preparation, formatting, and submission the posts to their hosting sites with minimum amount of time and best outcomes. Presented utilities are to help those using free blogging platforms like Blogger and Wordpress, and those who prefer maintaining their Blog on the independent Web Site using server-based scripts.

I presented this list on this blog for the first time in January 2008, when there were just 14 utilities included. As of today, there are already 39 free computer programs, scripts, and plug-ins on the list. Feel free to review the collection, input your rating and experience, and even add some items that might be currently missing from consideration.

RateItAll List: http://www.rateitall.com/t-24825-blog-publishing-freeware.aspx

The programs with the highest rating are:
  1. Windows Live Writer
  2. BlogDesk
  3. Qumana
  4. W.bloggar
  5. WordPress
  6. Zoundry Blog Writer

Generate Your Own Custom Blogger Templates

Here is the steps:
  • Visit Blogger Template Generator
  • Customize all the fields - Background, Tables, Text/Headings, Scrollbars, Graphics according to taste.
  • Click on Generate my Code under Finish tab and copy the code.
  • Now sign in to your blogger account and click on Edit HTML under Layout tab.
  • Now paste the code over existing code here and save template.
  • You have done it. Now you have your own personalized template. You can further modify it here.

Check Your Web Site In Different Browsers for Browser Compatibility and Cross Platform Browser issues

Browsershots makes screenshots of your web design in different browsers. It is a free open-source online service created by Johann C. Rocholl. When you submit your web address, it will be added to the job queue. A number of distributed computers will open your website in their browser. Then they will make screenshots and upload them to the central server here.

WriteToMyBlog Free Online Blog Post Editor

If you are not satisfied with built-in Blogger post editor, you are already reviewed the available opportunities to use blog publishing software to prepare your post offline before loading it into the Blogger platform. While stand-alone software might be a good alternative, occasionally you might get in the situation that you do not have your computer with you, but you still need to publish your blog with more post formatting capabilities than Blogger offers to you.
And here comes handy a free online blog publishing platform, we’d like to present in this publication. WriteToMyBlog offers you an advanced word processor that allows you to Post Entries to your Blog remotely. The service is completely free with no membership required. It allows you to post entries to multiple blogs, view and edit your recent Posts, and it works with all major Blog platforms, not just with Blogger.

Main Features
• Web based (online) Blog Client.

• Advanced word processor.

• No membership required. Completely free, no strings attached.

• Works with all major Blog programs and protocols.

• Can insert tables into your Posts.

• Can style and control text within your Posts.

• Can insert and wrap images into your Posts.

• Can insert layers and CSS within your Posts.

• Multi language Ajax
spell checker.

• Include tags (Technorati) with your Posts.

• Can setup and Post to multiple Blog accounts.

• Can view, preview, edit (right from within WriteToMyBlog) and delete Posts.

• WriteToMyBlog does not view or store any of your posts or Blog account details; it simple acts as an interface gateway between you and your Blog program.

Blog services supported
WriteToMyBlog has been tested with the following Blog services: Blogger.com, TypePad, WordPress.com, WordPress and Movable Type. WriteToMyBlog also support the MetaWeblog and Atom API protocols.

Browsers supported
WriteToMyBlog works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox (recommended). WriteToMyBlog works using Firefox on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

WriteToMyBlog encoding
WriteToMyBlog uses UTF-8 encoding. Most Blog services by default use this encoding; if yours doesn't you sometimes can change it within your Blog services control panel.

HTML code format
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Cyberdine Blogger Template from Google AdSense Tour for Free Download

Cyberdine template is available for free download
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  • Adsense Optimized
  • Fresh an Clean look
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  • Dynamic Meta Tags
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How to Add Recent Comments in Blogger sidebar

To add a “Recent Comments” in your blogger.com / blogspot powered blog is easy. Follow this simple tutorial on how to install it:

1. After login, click “Layout” -> Add Gadget -> Feed;

2. Fill the blank box with your blog comment feed. The comments feed structure is of two kinds as follows (pick one):
(a) Atom 1.0: i.e. http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default.
Example: http://googleadsense-tour.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default

(b) RSS 2.0: i.e. http://blogname.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss
Example: http://googleadsense-tour.blogspot.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=rss

3. Click “Continue”

4. In the “Title” write “Recent Comments”

5. Click “Save”. Done.

Revolution Blogger Templates - Crunch , Lifestyle, Code - Blue , Code - Gray ,Code - Red

1.Revolution Crunch

Revolution Crunch is originally a magazine style wordpress theme.It is 3 column fixed and is optimized for advertising.


2.Revolution Lifestyle
Revolution Lifestyle is Magazine style almost similar to Revolution Crunch which you saw above. This template is able to recover some of the drawbacks of the Revolution Crunch Blogger Template.


3.Revolution Code - Blue
Revolution Code Blue is a 3-column Widget-ready template.


4.Revolution Code - Gray
Revolution Code Gray is a 3-column Widget-ready template.


5.Revolution Code - Red
Revolution Code gray is a 3-column Widget-ready template.


How to Add Paypal Donation Box to Blogger blog

If you don't have a paypal account, click here to sign up one.

Just copy the code and change some values in red.
Change Blog/Website Title to your own Blog title example change to "The-Online-Quest".
And change Your paypal email to your own paypal email.
<!--  Pay Pal Donation Form Code Start -->

<table border="1" width="143" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" bordercolorlight="#FFF8E8" bordercolordark="#EFE0C9">
<p align="center"><b>Please Donate To My Blog</b>
<td width="145">
<form action="https://www.paypal.com/row/cgi-bin/webscr" name="_xclick" method="post">
<input value="Thanks for Your Donations - Blog/Website Title" name="item_name" type="hidden"/>
<input value="Your paypal email" name="business" type="hidden"/>
<p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0">
<input value="_xclick" name="cmd" type="hidden"/>
<!-- input type="hidden" name="amount" value="1.00" -->
<b>Amount</b> <p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"> <select name="Amount" size="1">
<option selected value="1.00"/>1.00
<option value="2.00"/>2.00
<option value="3.00"/>3.00
<option value="4.00"/>4.00
<option value="5.00"/>5.00
<option value="10.00"/>10.00
<option value="15.00"/>15.00
<option value="20.00"/>20.00
<option value="25.00"/>25.00
<option value="30.00"/>30.00
<option value="35.00"/>35.00
<option value="40.00"/>40.00
<option value="45.00"/>45.00
<option value="50.00"/>50.00
<option value="100.00"/>100.00
<option value="200.00"/>200.00
<option value="300.00"/>300.00
<option value="400.00"/>400.00
<option value="500.00"/>500.00
<option value="1000.00"/>1000.00
<p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0"><b>Currency</b> <select name="currency_code" size="1">
<option value="AUD"/>Australian Dollar
<option selected value="USD"/>USD
<option value="GBP"/>British Pound
<option value="CAD"/>Canadian Dollars
<option value="CZK"/>Czech Koruna
<option value="DKK"/>Danish Kroner
<option value="EUR"/>EUR
<option value="HKD"/>Hong Kong Dollars
<option value="HUF"/>Hungarian Forint
<option value="JPY"/>Japanese YEN
<option value="NZD"/>New Zealand Dollars
<option value="NOK"/>Norwegian Kroner
<option value="PLN"/>Polisg Zlotych
<option value="SGD"/>Singapore Dollars
<option value="SEK"/>Swedish Kronor
<option value="CHF"/>Swiss Francs
<p style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0" align="center">
<input border="0" alt="Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!" width="60" src="http://www.blogpulp.com/imagehost/images/5971708800.gif" name="submit" height="30" type="image"/>
<p align="right"><b><font face="Arial" size="1">Powered by <a href="http://djyano.blogspot.com/2008/04/put-paypal-donation-code-to-your.html" target="_blank"> The-Online-Quest</a></font></b>

<!-- End of Pay Pal Donation Form Code -->

For blogger, after you have copied and changed the values, just add a new page element. Click add HTML/JavaScript to blog, paste all the codes in and save changes.Enjoy blogging and have fun, if you have put this code in your blog/site, post a comment about it and please let me know.

Free or less expensive Royalty Free Photo, Stock Photo & Illustration Sources

bikeTake your own photos and jazz them up using a free service like Picnik.com for images you know you can use anyway you want!

deviantArt.com is a huge community of designers and art enthusiasts who regularly post their creations. You can find just about anything - photos, textures, backgrounds, illustrations, fonts and more - some are free, some require payment.

Flickr.com is one of the largest collection of user generated photography on the web. You can literally find anything on Flickr. The key to using Flickr images is understanding the various usage terms. Leah at Working Solo wrote a great, easy to understand post on how to use Flickr images.

Freedigitalphotos.net offers images that are free for web use or can be purchased if you need the high resolution version. No registration is required and you can sell your own images as well.

Imageafter.com is not the most intuitive site to navigate, but it does have more than 21,000 free photos and textures for personal or commercial use.

Imagechef.com is one of my favorite places to get free, fun, one of a kind images for your blog posts. Start with one of a huge variety of basic images, add your own words and phrases, and end up with an image that can easily convey 1,000 words.

Morguefile.com serves as the afterlife for a large volume of free high resolution digital stock photographs and reference images for either corporate or public use. Think of it as digital photography heaven and rather than destroying what they don’t use, many photographers submit their “leftovers” to Morguefile for others to use. Individual images have different usage requirements, so please read everything before using.

Picapp.com is a great source of free editorial and news images. Ideally, it is for bloggers but their images can be used in other media. Now that Picapp.com has a Wordpress plugin, adding news quality images to your post doesn’t get any easier than this.

Photogen.com contains free photos for personal or commercial use. You do have to register in order to download, but you may also upload your own photos for others to use (but you are not compensated).

Stockvault.net is a lot like Freedigitalphotos.net in the sense that the images are free for download, no registration is required and you can share your photos, too.

Stockxchng (aka sxc.hu)offers a large selection of free stock photos and some illustrations. Terms of use request you give them credit as the image source. As a part of the Jupiterimages.com group, Stockxchng also offers premium images.


giftBigstockphoto.com is a relatively new service from my perspective having just recently found it. Their inventory of more than 2 million images is certainly a good place to start when looking for art. Like many of the other sources in this category, you purchase credits in blocks (roughly $2 per credit) and images run anywhere from 1-6 credits depending on their size.

Dreamstime.com has an inventory of over 4 million images ranging from free to $5 or so. If you buy credits in bulk, they can be as low as 20 cents an image. If you sell your own images the payout is between 50% and 80%. New photos are being added constantly - there are already photos from the Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl Parade from 2009. The site is also available in a choice of languages.

Fotalia offer access to more than 4 million images, vectors and video via individual purchase ($1-$5 each) or via subscription. Very similar to many services in this category, Fotalia allows you to upload your own images for sale and has a community aspect.

sgpiStockphoto.com is one of the sites I use most. Very high quality images and a huge selection make iStockphoto my first choice when looking for photos, vector illustrations, flash, video or audio files for projects. Most images run $1-5 and you buy credits in blocks. You can submit your own images for sale and they have a very active community of artists, designers and marketing pros. Get free images with the Free Image of the Week featured at iStockphoto, too. I usually download these whether I think I will need them or not - because you just never know when they might come in handy.

Stockxpert.com is very similar to iStockphoto in that it carries some of the most reasonably priced, highest quality royalty-free stock images in the $1-10 range. It has a fantastic selection of photos, animation, and illustrations. You may sell your own images, too.

Vecteezy.com specializes in free to inexpensive user submitted vector graphics. While the collection is much smaller than most I have referenced, the quality is pretty good. Sister sites include Flasheezy (Flash files for download) and Brusheezy (Photoshop brushes).


snowmanAnimationFactory.com - need to dress up those boring PowerPoint presentations? AnimationFactory has more than 500,000 animated clip art (use sparingly), PowerPoint templates, backgrounds and videos. Subscriptions run from $60-200 per year and give you access to unlimited downloads. (Bonus - use this link for 25% off your subscription)

Clipart.com has more than 10 million pieces of royalty-free clip art, photos, vinyl-ready images, Web graphics, illustrations, fonts and sounds available via subscription. Subscription rates are for one week up to one year.

Designious.com is not quite as big as many of the others in this list but they do have some great designs - especially if your audience is in the 15-30 range. You can search for royalty-free stock vectors, vector illustrations and t-shirt designs. Buy stock vectors one by one or have access to all of them via subscription.

iCLIPART.com has millions of downloadable royalty-free clipart images, photos, objects, web graphics, sounds and fonts by subscription. Their images tend to be more on the whimsical side. A monthly subscription is $19.95, however right now you can get the whole year for $29.95 - which is a great deal if this is the type of art you find yourself looking for on a regular basis (perfect for bloggers, teachers, and such)

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