Why Adsense Alternatives ?

Google adsense in the today's world is rocking the internet marketing sector because of its name and higher number of advertiser's than any other ads agency.But, now-a-days the trend has started to change due to certain reasons.Google's strict policy, bad customer care service, higher pay out and the most important one getting banned without even any particular reason is driving people more towards to alternatives of adsense and rightly so.

Adsense's Concerns:

1) Lets start with the minimum pay out . The minimum payout is nothing less than 100$. It really does not matter for the big guns in the business but what about small blogger like me? what about the people who just started using advertisers to earn some money? ofcourse they require at least some amount to start with to get motivated. But, 100$ looks too far for all small or new bloggers or websites that are having less traffic than 10,000 visitors per day. In the end, the publisher loss his interest in the work becuase it looks it would take ages to reach that 100$ mark. However, almost all the other similar to adsense services provide as low as 10$ payout which is really encouraging.

2) It does not let you allow certain ads which usually pays high. Infact, you can not do anything about those ads at all.They just show on your website according to your keywords in the content, hence if you content does not have high paying keywords then you will not be able to earn maximum revenue like you can do in other ads agencies.

3) Getting verified through a PIN which is sent to your mailing address is another pain in the head. It can take as long as a month or two to get the PIN and verify yourself as a human. None of the other ads services requires such a long procedure for activation.

4) Now here comes the most important factor which makes people join the alternatives, Getting banned from adsense without any particular notice, without any warning, nothing at all. You might wait for like 5 to 6 months first to get to that 100$ mark and when you earned 100$ you wake up next morning happy that you will soon receive the payment, you check your e-mail and there is a sweet e-mail message popping up to wish a very happy morning from adsense which says your account has been banned. You can jump from 100th floor of any building to prove that you did not do anything, you can appeal for reinstating the account but in the end you will only get an automated e-mail reply service saying that try as hard as you can, once we blocked you then you are never allowed to enter again without even letting know what made them banned you.
Here is what you most probably going to see after reaching that 100$ mark and log in the next day with a happy face

5) Lack of customer service or support. Whenever you try to contact them,you will simply get an automatic reply that you will soon recieve an e-mail response but no one knows what does soon mean in their dictionary. While, all the ads services I have been using got an excellent support center. They all reply to your question within 48 hours and mark my words 48 means 48 hours no more than that (Business Days).

You can clearly get an idea what are the basic factors you should be aware of, if you are looking to join adsense. It is just that it got a name of BIG G with it that makes it so popular, otherwise there are some serious concerns about their services which makes people to join its alternatives and adsense similar services. It is just the case of lack of awareness but now a days people are getting aware and hence people are mostly moving towards other top adsense alternatives which earns even more money in a friendly enviornment.

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