Sell blogs on Amazon Kindle

Bloggers have something more than the reader community to rejoice, thanks to Amazon. Close on the heels of rolling out large-format electronic reading device Kindle DX, has now rolled out its new Kindle Publishing for Blogs, a self-publishing service that facilitates the sale of blog subscriptions through the Kindle Store.

The new feature is delivered automatically throughout the day over Kindle's wireless connection. According to Information Week, the posts can can be read with or without a wireless connection as they are downloaded completely, rather than as the excerpts often made available through RSS feeds. Amazon, however, has not made it clear whether the updates would be frequent.

The report added that Amazon would keeps 70 per cent of the monthly blog subscription fee and pay 30 per cent to the blog author.

It would also not allow bloggers to decide the price at which they wish to sell their blog subscriptions. According to, it reserves the right to determine the sale price based on what it deems is a fair value for customers. It would also provide no information on how it would arrive at the fair value. It has currently priced blogs between 99 cents and $1.99 a month.

Further, it has also made it particularly clear that it would not allow bloggers offer subscriptions for free. However, it has exempted itself from that rule.

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