MillionDollarFollow : A new Twitter advertising network

A new Twitter advertising network with some interesting twists, we couldn't help but compare it to the Million Dollar Homepage. MillionDollarFollow (MDF) is quite different, however. Instead of advertising a product or tweeting affiliate links, MDF tries to get its users more followers. Rather than thinking about MDF as an advertising network, it's actually probably best to think about it as a Twitter lottery with some added benefits, even if you don't win. An ad on MDF costs $1, and users who buy an ad are regularly entered into a lottery drawing where they can win new followers. The final winner will receive 1 million followers.

MillionDollarFollow was developed by Jonathan Nelson, who is also behind Twittermass, the auto-follow product we wrote about a few weeks ago.

mdf_how_to.pngMDF uses the Twitter OAuth protocol, so your login and password are safe, but, when you buy an ad, you also authorize MDF to send a tweet about your ad to your Twitter stream.

It should be noted that when you sign up for MDF, you do authorize the service to automatically subscribe you to up to 150 Twitter users (there are 150 drawings in total). You can check the FAQ for more details about how the system works. Advertisers can also put a MDF widget on their homepages, which is obviously designed to give MDF more exposure, but, as Jonathan tells us, it can also increase a user's chance of winning.

10 cents from every one dollar ad will be donated to Malaria No More.

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