20th Edition of Blog Carnival - Bringing more traffic to your blog

Welcome to the June 18, 2010, 20-th edition of "Bringing more traffic to your blog" Blog Carnival. Some statistics: Submitted Articles - 52. Published Articles - 20. I want to thank all the authors contributing to the issue. Some articles were excluded from the review, since their topic of discussion did not match the main target of the carnival. I am sorry, that not all submissions were accepted, as some of the excluded articles carried a significant value.

Razib Ahmed presents Ten Things I have learnt from Blogging posted at Blogging37.

Bert Meert presents Blog By Your Rules - Bert Meert posted at Life, Blogging And The Pursuit Of Personal Growth.

Alan Mater presents The “Holy Grail” of Guest Blogging Tips posted at Work From Home Resources Blog, saying, "Tips on how to use guest posts to bring more traffic to your blog for free."

Peter White presents Viral Marketing - Why Not Using It Could Harm Your Business! posted at Web Traffic Review Blog.

Carlos presents SEO and Keywords: Which Pages are Working? posted at Applied Analytics, saying, "SEO can be scary/confusing. And that’s OK. By taking a look at what you’re already doing right can help make you more confident about driving more traffic to your site."

yonit gruber-hazani presents Cube Of M posted at yonitg.com.

Jose Anajero presents 15 Step By Step SEO Tips For Writing Blog Posts posted at INTERNET MARKETING WITH PURPOSE.

Ryan presents Real SEO Optimization That Works posted at bloggingformoneymasterplan.com, saying, "A post covering what I think of as the Zen of SEO."

Ziki presents 6 Effective Ways to Make Money With Video Sharing Sites Using Video Marketing Strategies posted at Video Marketing Strategies ;).

Christopher Conlan presents New Google Search Engine Results and What They Mean to Your Business posted at Cross Pollination Media | Social Media Strategy | Social Media Marketing, saying, "In the middle of May Google introduced a new Search Engine Results Page which includes one-click filtering of video,images,news,maps,products,updates (Twitter), discussions and more. These changes are meant to help improve the user experience, and they have a direct effect on how your business is marketing on the internet."

Jose Anajero presents Milestones to Financial Freedom posted at INTERNET MARKETING WITH PURPOSE.

GreatManagement presents How Do You Beat Blogging Boredom? posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "Here are my tips to stay good friends with your blog, no matter how jaded you have become with it�"

Adam presents Should I Invest Using Pre-Tax or Post-Tax Money? posted at Magical Penny, saying, "Hi, whilst this video does not highlight how to get traffic to blogs I think it serves as an example as one idea to boost traffic- try a video post!"

GreatManagement presents The not-so-secret Diary of the Confessional Blogger posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "What�s your view on �revealing your personality�?"

Kelli presents Blogger Appreciation Day: May 2010 posted at 3 Boys And A Dog, saying, "great way to increase links in AND thank those that already link to you!"

Kevin Fitzgerald presents Tips to Get More Article Views and Make Money | Writinghood posted at Writinghood.

Charles Chua C K presents How to be a Better Article Writer on the Net - 10 Sparkling Ideas posted at All About Living with Life.

Writers Coin presents On Making Mistakes and Correcting Them posted at The Writer’s Coin, saying, "When you make a mistake you can either ignore it and move on or try your best to correct it. Blogging requires you learn some humility and check your ego at the door. You WILL make mistakes."

John M presents How to use Twitter to generate Traffic for your Blog | Internetmoneymakingblog posted at Internetmoneymakingblog, saying, "Twitter is a great tool for reaching many readers very quickly & Twitter and Blogging go hand in hand as they can be used to promote you presence on each Platform. This article discusses how to use Twitter with your Blog"

Ian Richardson presents Link Building Strategies - 10 Part Series posted at Top Ranked Website Strategies.

GreatManagement presents How To Sell Your Product Online posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "How I chose the right product for my blog business"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of bringing more traffic to your blog using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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