Blog Carnival - Bringing more traffic to your blog - 18-th Ed.

Welcome to the February 19, 2010, 18-th edition of "Bringing more traffic to your blog" Blog Carnival. Some statistics: Submitted Articles - 44. Published Articles - 22. I want to thank all the authors contributing to the issue. Some articles were excluded from the review, since their topic of discussion did not match the main target of the carnival. I am sorry, that not all submissions were accepted, as some of the excluded articles carried a significant value.

GreatManagement presents Tips for Making Google Crawl Your Blog More Often posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "If you want your blog to be indexed quickly, you need to increase its relevancy and value."

moon saud presents How Google Caffeine effect on your work at home blog ranking system? posted at Work At Home, Affiliate Programs, Make Money Online Database, saying, "Google caffeine is now going effective and google ranking system is changing. Know how to optimize your pages for google caffeine."

Susan Tatum presents The Secret to Action-Oriented Marketing Measurement posted at Clicks ’n Conversions Blog.

Mark West presents Grow Business With Better Website Traffic | Join GIN Today posted at Global Information To Network Your Website - Join GIN-Today.

Robert Bravery presents Blogging from the Brave Programmer - Generating Traffic For Your Blog and Website posted at The Brave Programmer, saying, "Blogs and website live and thrive off traffic. If you get none or very little traffic to your blog or website then your site just becomes another “Cyber Squatter”. The whole purpose of setting up a blog or website is for people to read it, be affected by it and take action through it."

Robert Bravery presents Blogging from the Brave Programmer - 7 Tips on How to write effective blog titles that solicit traffic posted at The Brave Programmer, saying, "Blog titles are one of the most important aspects of a blog, but often times are not given the importance that they deserve. One of the biggest factors that affect your position in the Google search engine results page is your blog title"

Ziki presents Website Promotion: Link Building with Videos posted at Make Money with Youtube.

Ziki presents Website Promotion: Watermarking videos and Generating Type-in Traffic posted at Make Money with Youtube.

GreatManagement presents What is your plan B? posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "What would you do if you were made redundant?"

Brian Taylor presents Portland Website Design and Web Development - Small Business Sites for Oregon and Washington posted at FORIX Blog, saying, "I found a superb video that summarizes what 1-way link building is and why it is so important to your page rank on Google."

Mike Herrera presents The Magical World of Marketing and Advertising posted at Social Entrepeneur Blog, saying, "Great article with criteria to help build your Marketing Strategy, plus Online and Offline techniques with links all on one article. Very helpful instead of trying to peice together fragmented information when trying to develope your Marketing and Advertsing campagn!"

Ian presents #1 Google Ranking? We Can Do Better Than That! posted at Link-Assistant.Com Search Engine Marketing Blog - SEO Tools, Tips, News & All Things SEO, saying, "#1 Google ranking is truly the holy grail of the SEO world. Grab it, and there you get your everlasting flow of free traffic, loyal customers and through-the-roof sales. Nothing left to wish. Nothing to strive for, right? Wrong. Here are at least 3 things you can do today to build on your SEO success."

Leo D presents Backlink Resource Guide How to on getting backlinks that matter… | Internet Marketing For the Rest of Us posted at Strategic Internet Marketing Blog.

Marie Julien presents Article Directories that Pay posted at Article Rewriter Softwares, saying, "Why not make money for your article marketing ?"

Kathleen Gaga presents Do this with online marketing and you’re going to fall behind - FAST! posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions, saying, "Popular consensus is we must use social media marketing incorporated into other methods if we want to be a serious player in the game of online marketing."

Ian Richardson presents 5 Benefits Of Social Media Marketing posted at Top Ranked Website, saying, "This article shows 5 benefits to using Social Media Marketing in business and is very topical at the present time."

Daniel presents 5 Ways Your Blog Can Make Money posted at Conversation Marketing: Internet Marketing with a Twist of Lemon.

Anne Valens presents Top 50 Freelance Writing Blogs posted at Journalism Degree.

Warren Wong presents Service Update #7 - Happy New Year! posted at SEO Services Blog, saying, "Some Service Updates on our seo products."

John M presents Can Posting on Twitter send you Traffic | posted at, saying, "Can Twitter be used to bring traffic to your blog?"

Nick Brosnan presents How I Will Drive More Traffic To My Blog posted at Nick | Follow Me And Learn Internet Marketing Along The Way..

Joe Revod presents Business Tag Line (For Blog) Changed posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

pbmedia presents Blogging Tip: Don’t Use Dates in Your Permalink Structure posted at jammer(six).

Viviana Widjaja presents Links Building with Article Marketing Strategies posted at Guide to Pro Blogging.

MyMaria presents Building Backlinks posted at Residual Income Web, saying, "One of the best ways to increase traffic through your blog is by building backlinks. Here’s how, and where, to get started."

Joe Revod presents Autoresponder Messages Revamped posted at Internet Business Make Money Online With Welly Mulia.

Andy Hayes presents Are you blogging with a strategy? posted at Travel Online Partners (TOP), saying, "If you want more blog traffic, start acting like it and get a strategy put together."

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of bringing more traffic to your blog using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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