Blog Carnival - Bringing more traffic to your blog - 15-th Ed.

Welcome to the September 18, 2009, 15-th edition of "Bringing more traffic to your blog" Blog Carnival. Some statistics: Submitted Articles - 167. Published Articles - 43. I want to thank all the authors contributing to the issue. Some articles were excluded from the review, since their topic of discussion did not match the main target of the carnival. I am sorry, that not all submissions were accepted, as some of the excluded articles carried a significant value.

blogtips presents Free Online Article Spinner Rewriter List posted at Glowicki ProBlogger - Blogging Tips, saying, "See test of all free online article spinners, verify which one works best!"

Ernest Nunnally presents Getting quality content for your blog posted at, saying, "All Internet marketing guides stress the importance of using only quality content for the blog pages, yet, the question remains: how can one decide which is good content and which not? I simply suggest that we start from the very nature of the blog: a highly informational and personal site which tackles with subjects in a specific domain. Hence, when designing the blog, don’t make it too complex, stick to the simple structures that allow users to perform actions easily on the page. The frame should also be very simple and the eventual ads and links need to naturally blend in the content of the blog as such. Web design provides the great advantage of using similar fonts and formats, so that only some elements on the page should stand out."

Ace presents Internet Marketing For Beginners: Social Site Marketing posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Robert Alan presents Guide to Optimizing Your Landing Page Copy posted at Sell It on the Web, saying, "Here’s some tips and advice on how to best optimize the landing pages on your website to improve your sales conversion."

David presents 30 Motivation Hacks for Bloggers posted at David Turnbull.

David presents 37 Ways to Make Blogging Easier posted at Daily Blog Tips.

Debbie Ducker presents Learn the top blog traffic generation methods of 2009 posted at Ducker Promotion Ezine.

Tim presents Bing SEO - How Does it Differ To Google? posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Tim presents Blogger or Wordpress? Which is More SEO Compatible posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Ace presents 3 Easy Techniques That Increase Website Traffic posted at Internet Marketing Ace.

Brian Terry presents Does website design really matter? posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Thursday Bram presents Getting Involved in Social Media: What Should You Be Promoting? posted at

Ray presents Blogging To Make Money Online posted at Money Blue Book.

Andre Nilsen presents Article Writing and Promotion: Be concise and give titles posted at QualityNetworkers.

Sell It on the Web presents Bootstrapping Your Website Design and Development with WordPress posted at Sell It on the Web, saying, "Some recommendations and advice on how to bootstrap your website design and development using WordPress."

Keith Gloster presents Blog Carnival - Submit an Article to a Carnival posted at Web Traffic Getting Tips, Tools, saying, "In today"

Andre Nilsen presents Internet Marketing For Beginners posted at QualityNetworkers.

Alex_Sysoef presents How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog posted at Make Money Blogging, saying, "Today I"

Tim presents Increase Your Search Traffic Instantly posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

GreatManagement presents Stop losing website visitors with this simple task posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "Do you often click on a web page, see that it takes too long to load and you just skip it or close it down?Your web pages have to load under 10 seconds, otherwise you could be losing a lot of potential visitors.So how do you check and what can you do about it?"

GreatManagement presents 3 dead easy ways to get extra traffic posted at The Digital Archives, saying, "What will induce people to visit your site?"

Brian Terry presents You’re Mailing To Your List Too Often! posted at Big Selling Website Design.

Larry Payne presents Article Submission posted at Business Software Downloads, saying, "Article marketing has beginner, intermediate and advanced stages to it and no matter what skill level you’re at, you can still submit articles to drive traffic to your website."

Debbie Foster presents Driving Traffic to Your Website is The Name of The Game posted at Internet Income - The Journey.

Alex_Sysoef presents Importance Of Planning For Social Networks Failure posted at WordPress Web 2.0 How-To Spot-er, saying, "With so many conversations these days targeting importance of doing social marketing to promote your blog on sites like Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed I feel I have to talk about"

Christian Russell presents How to Build a Massive Blogging Business With Only 10 Subscribers posted at Next Level Blogger.

GreatManagement presents Article Marketing Tutorial posted at The Digital Archives, saying, "A free easy way to complete research for your articles and article marketing."

GreatManagement presents Check the competition before deciding upon your chosen keyword phrases posted at We Build Your Blog, saying, "In this video I share with you another free way to determine the "

Andre Nilsen presents Free Online Directories posted at QualityNetworkers.

John M presents How to get Google to send you Traffic | posted at, saying, "How I managed to get Google to finally see my WordPress blog and send it traffic."

Christian Russell presents A Key to Blogging Success: Fun is Mandatory posted at Next Level Blogger.

Andre Nilsen presents Get More Website Traffic - Lifeblood of Your Online Business posted at QualityNetworkers.

Debbie Foster presents Do Link Exchanges The Right Way posted at Internet Income - The Journey.

Michael Hogg presents 5 Ways SEO Can Help Affiliate Marketers posted at

Ziki presents Youtube Keyword Research Tool (Video SEO) posted at Make Money with Youtube.

Jeremy Zongker presents Choosing the Right Domain Name posted at Reliable Writers.

Tim presents Increase Organic Search Engine Traffic The Easy Way posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Evan Gould presents Free Website Traffic With Myspace posted at Internet Income Formula.

Shay Weiner presents See How Subscribers can Leverage your Blog and some Tips posted at Place For Bloggers, saying, "I still remember the amazing filling I had the first time I signed into my feedburner account, and saw that someone subscribed to my feed."

Greg Nemer presents 15 Step By Step SEO Tips For Writing Blog Posts posted at INTERNET MARKETING WITH PURPOSE, saying, "In this detailed article you’ll discover how to write blog posts that achieve maximum SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits. It’s my personal plan for writing blog posts. I use it to generate lots of back-links to my blog. I want to share this strategy with you."

Sell It on the Web presents Tips and Advice on Blog Carnivals posted at Sell It on the Web, saying, "Great tips and advice on how to get the most out of blog carnivals."

Tim presents Understanding Your Ranking Position in Google posted at Search Engine Optimisation.

Shay Weiner presents How To Promote your Blog in Forums without Turning into a Spammer | Place For Bloggers posted at Place For Bloggers, saying, "a must read for beginners."

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