Favicon in Blogger

Step 1. Visit HTML Kit - Online Favicon Maker to make your own favicon from your desired image.

Step 2. Download it and rename the custom favicon as you want.

Step 3. Open MS Paint in your computer and change format ICO. to PNG or GIF format and save.

Step 4. Then upload somewhere (i use http://imageshack.us/ for this ). Remember to save the link / url of your uploaded favicon.

Step 5. Go to your Blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML.
Find the title tag which looks like this:-

Step 6. Copy and paste the following code (right after above script)

for ICO. format

for PNG. format

for GIF. format

Remember to type in the “URL of your icon file”, Then Save Template.

That's all there is to it, enjoy your favicon! Enjoy your new favicon look!

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