22 Best Paid Blogging and Blog monetization opportunities

There are paid and sponsored blogging opportunities available. Here is how it works:
1. Make a blog on your topic of interest, cars, movies, gadgets, games, mobiles anything..
2. Register with paid blogging sites.
3. Write for them on your blog and get paid. Write about your views, experience and opinions about products, companies, websites and earn money from it. Here is a list of genuine make paid blogging opportunities available.

1. LinkWorth
Instead of text link ads, in-text links, in-content pay per click ads,LinkWorth also offer paid blog reviews, submit your blog to get the approval. After approval it will be listed in the marketplace for advertisers to browse. Once an advertiser would like to request a review you will be notified via email.

2. Reviewme
Let the review offers come to you. In the ReviewMe advertiser marketplace, advertisers create specific campaigns for bloggers. Bloggers can find out what review campaigns are available for their blog by checking the Advertiser Clearinghouse.

‘Shvoong’ is a world-wide center for abstracts, offering a wide variety of abstracts in 34 different languages.The site distributes 10% of its profits to abstract writers.

4. Sponsoredreviews
Comment in your own tone and style, and gear them to your audience's interest.Receive cash earnings via PayPal on a bi-weekly basis.

5. payu2blog
If your blog meets their requirements then you can make money blogging in their system and you can count on Payu2blog to deliver that consistent steady income from advertising on your blog.

6. Blogsvertise
Blogsvertise! It's simple. Earn cash and generate extra income from your blog!

7. Bloggerwave
Air your opinions on the net. And to make money! Your opinions will quickly turn into gold....

8. Blogtoprofit
A way to make Guaranteed Money for posts to your blog!

9. Bloggingads
Once your blog is approved you can start to blog about products and services from advertisers. You are paid for each blog post.

10. Weblogsinc
Apply to blog for one of the 90 fine blogs they have and earn money.

11. Blogitive
Get paid weekly via PayPal ,No advertising required, just your opinions ,Only post the stories that interest you ,Create multiple blogs to earn more,They also pay $2 for every blogger you get to sign up to the Directory.

12. Loudlaunch
If your blog and interests are aligned with an advertiser’s campaign then you can do your own research and write about them in exchange for pay.

13. Softwarejudge
Pay up to fifty bucks for what they call Damn good reviews and not every reviewer is going to get that much for a single review. However, you get paid at least a buck for any review published . Ten reviews – ten bucks.

14. Payperpost
This is the most strength forward name for Get paid to blogging. Write about web sites, products, services, and companies and earn cash for providing your opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers. Disclosure required.

15. Methodshop
Pay ~$20-$200 (or more) per article or piece depending on depth and quality of content. Writers also get free eval products for reviews they write.

16. Inblogads
Get paid to blog from the Advertisers who buy sponsored blog post.

17. Scoopt
Scoopt is a media agency that has been created specifically to help members of the public sell photographs and videos of newsworthy events to the media.

18. Lifetips
Cash in on your wisdom at LifeTips and earn up to $10 for every tip you create!

19. Epinions
Help other users make decisions. Epinions takes a share of the revenue gained from providing consumers with high-quality information and deposits it into your account monthly.

20. suite101
Get paid a direct share of lifelong advertising revenue on your work. Get free training on writing for the Web and work, 1-on-1 with an editor

21. BlogBurner
Instead made money from posting ,you can place your Google Adsense ads on the BlogBurner blogs

22. Smorty
Make money from your blog. Write opinion articles or publish contextual advertising.

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