Display Recent Posts on your Blogger Blog

Recently, I have found an opportunity to display certain amount of the recent post of the blog on sidebar of the Blogger hosted blog. If your reader came to the particular article, he might just miss the opportunities to review your other content. So, the developed widget will help you capturing attention of your reader to your other posts.

"Display 10 recent posts" (10 posts represent just default setting, but you can alter the number as you like) widget is a free and can be easily embedded on your Blogger blog. You do not need to know scripting to do so. Just follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Go to Add and Arrange Page Elements page.
Step 2: Click Add a Page Element.
Step 3: Choose HTML/JavaScript
Step 4: Copy the following code to the ’HTML/JavaScript’ element.
Step 5 (optional): The red highlight code (var postshow=10) is the number of posts you want to display (Default is 10).
Step 6: Change the default address (http://yourblogaddress.blogspot.com/) to your blog address.
Step 7: Save your changes and review your blog.

Code to be copied from the developer website: http://kanlab.blogspot.com/2007/09/display-10-recent-posts-on-your-blog.html

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