Bringing more traffic to your blog - April 25, 2008 - 4th Ed.

Welcome to the Fourth, April 25, 2008 edition of "Bringing more traffic to your blog" Blog Carnival. Some statistics: Submitted Articles - 92. Published Articles - 48. I want to thank all the authors contributing to the issue. Some articles were excluded from the review, since their topic of discussion did not match the main target of the carnival. I am sorry, that not all submissions were accepted, as some of the excluded articles carried a significant value.

Mark Riffey presents Be the Google of your market niche posted at Business is Personal.

Matthew Paulson presents Writers: Make $1000 a Month Through Associated Content » American Small Business News posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Praveen presents Importance of Testing Websites posted at My Simple Trading System.

Raymond Le Blanc presents 5 Great Reasons to Start a Blog posted at Internet Business.

Ian Richardson presents EzyFileZipper is now available. posted at Make Everything EzyAs123, saying, "Use free software giveaways to attract more traffic to your blog. EzyFileZipper is available and can help."

Steve Oliphant presents Discover how to accept all major credit cards on your website with these simple steps. posted at Steve Oliphant’s Musings.

Sabrina Jefferson presents Internet Marketing Newbie Action Plan posted at Sabrina Jefferson.

Sarah Paine presents Products for Dummies posted at Sarah Paine.

Bill Mcintosh presents Submitting To BlogCatalog: Is it worth it? posted at Bill McIntosh.

Shaun Connell presents Write Less, Blog More posted at Work at Home, saying, "Get more traffic to your blog by ... blogging less."

Stephen Pierce presents YouTube?s Amazing Overlooked Traffic Secret? REVEALED! posted at DTAlpha TalkBack with Stephen Pierce.

Brian Terry presents 4 Steps To A Big Selling Website posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents 9 Non Internet Marketing Sites to Get the Creative Juices Flowing, the Blood Stirring, and the Ideas Percolating posted at Online Business Freedom.

George Tzenos presents 7 Tips to Drive Traffic To Your Blog posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog.

Fred Black presents Google WebMaster Tools posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

R.Pettinger presents Simple Tip for More Traffic posted at Net Writing, saying, "Making use of valuable keyword subheadings is a powerful, but simple way to increase traffic"

Adie Dornom presents 28 Free Marketing Tools I Couldn’t Live Without - Part I posted at Lee McIntyre’s Honest Marketing Blog.

Adie Dornom presents Do You Need A Squeeze Page For Your Business? posted at Lee McIntyre’s Honest Marketing Blog.

Adie Dornom presents Not Just List Building posted at Lee McIntyre’s Honest Marketing Blog.

George Tzenos presents Viral Marketing Methods and Applications posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog.

Les Dysom presents Subscribers and Sales posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Robert Phillips presents 3 Simple Ways to Increase Blog Traffic posted at How to Create a DVD without Spending a Dime.

Vandelay Website Design presents Getting Social Media Votes posted at Traffikd, saying, "Social media is a great way to bring traffic to your blog. Here are some tips for getting more votes."

Jeremy Neal presents 10 Things I’ve Learned about Professional Blogging posted at Lead Inspectors.

John Landells presents 3 Tactics Every Affiliate Marketer Needs to Know posted at John’s Tech Blog.

Cindy King presents How Do Your Foreign Prospects Use Their Search Engines posted at Cindy King.

Deborah Dera presents Blog Technology: The MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer posted at The Rhythm of Write, saying, "The MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer is an excellent plug-in designed to help bloggers NOT get labeled as spammers while driving more traffic to their blogs."

Woody Maxim presents Traffic Questions Answered posted at Woody Maxim.

seanjames presents Practical Jokes, Blogging Tips, Adsense, Insurance and Phew!!: How to Get Blog Traffic... posted at Practical Jokes, Blogging Tips, Adsense, Insurance and Phew!!, saying, "Please read and post some comments. thank you"

Bill Mcintosh presents Should You Integrate Feedburner and Aweber? posted at Bill McIntosh.

Sam Carrara presents My Six Figure Affiliate Check posted at Sam Carrara’s Marketing Education.

Wakish presents Wonderful Blogging Ideas - How To Breed Them In Your Garden? => PART 1 Wakish Wonderz posted at Wakish Wonderz.

Keith_R presents WordPress Plugin posted at, saying, "This is a WordPress plugin which enables your readers to send e-mail reminders regarding article posts utilizing the free, no-registration-required service."

Sarah Paine presents Automate Site Content with Quality Articles posted at Sarah Paine.

Gley Yahya presents What Link Popularity Can Do For Your Business? posted at Work At Home Start Up Guide, saying, "You can do all what you want to improve your website or blog rankings, select the best keywords for your subject theme, create as many pages full of content as you want and develop a search-engine friendly navigation scheme. But without a well-planned link-development campaign, most search engines and especially MSN won’t rank your blog high at their search results."

Kelly Ifrah presents Adding The Category Description To The Category Page posted at

Cindy King presents Knowing How Your Foreign Prospects Use Their Search Engines Can Get You More International Clients posted at Get International Clients.

James DeLelys presents WORDSBlog » MONEY ONLINE posted at Author James DeLelys.

Terry Dean presents Are You A Prolific Product Developer? posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Michael Bass presents Wordpress SEO and Google Adsense posted at Debt Prison, saying, "I’ve used Wordpress for about 6 months now and thought I would share my experience with SEO, duplicate content, google adsense, google analytics, and partial vs. full feeds."

Terry Dean presents Traffic And Conversion posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Brian Terry presents The Results Are In? posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents The Seduction Game… of Marketing posted at Online Business Freedom.

the baglady presents What Makes a Blog Article Popular? posted at xynny.

Matthew Paulson presents How to Turn Your Blog into a Business posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Craig Andrews presents Membership Has Its Privileges posted at Craig S.

Kevin presents 101 Internet Traffic Generation Strategies - Part 1 posted at Blog Optimization.

Mert Erkal presents How I Quadrupled My Blog’s Traffic In 3 Months posted at, saying, "Thanks for this opportunity! Cheers, Mert Erkal"

Michael Bass presents Brought Me 60,000 Hits in 60 days posted at Debt Prison, saying, "Here is a screen shot from Google analytics showing the amount of web traffic I’ve had to this post within 60 days of posting. On February 25 it had over 7,700 views."

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