Make Money Using Blogs - Lesson 3

The point of these lessons are to enable beginners to set up and run a successful online money making venture and to do it with out spending a lot of money. Blogs have become the online marketers best friend and new secret weapon for making money. As we continue with these lessons you will find out why this is so.

At this point you should have set up a new blog at Google's and completed two posts on it. The first post was your welcome message and the second post was your first article on your chosen keyword (topic/niche).

As well you should have joined and posted a second article in their directory. The second article should have been a re-write of your blog posting - enough changes in it to avoid the duplicate content rules of the search engines.

This lesson is fast and easy and no, you don't have to write any more articles.

Getting your new site indexed.

If you have followed my instructions your site is already optimized on-page for Google when it gets around to crawling you. There are a few things (known as off-page optimization) that we can do to speed up the process.

You'll be happy to know that you have already completed one of these techniques.

Writing Articles.

There is no better way to get your site indexed and ranked by Google than writing articles. While providing traffic to your site, articles also get you back links which gets you page ranking and ultimately a high placement in Google's search listings.

Here's a list of the most popular Article Submission Directories. The more articles and more directories you use the faster you will get ranked and indexed by Google. This is not a secret, just a well know fact that all the successful marketers know. It is very effective because 95% of would be competitors either don't like to write articles or don't want to pay for unique articles and most of them resort to duplicate content when filling up their pages. Content, I might add, that comes from the 5% of us who write the articles embedded with our back links. Your competition is one of your best allies as they are the ones sending you back links.

Here is the list.

Update 2010 - This post has been highly edited from its original form as irrelevant info has been removed due to being outdated. Sorry if it is no longer coherent....

Later folks.

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