How to Change the Width of Blogger Blogs

Modifying the Width of Your Blogger Blog

Here is a quick step by step tutorial on how to change the width of your Blogger Blog.

I have provided screenshots of each step - just follow along and you shouldn't have any problems.

Before you start create a backup of your current blog just in case there is a problem.

I will show you how to change the standard template so that the width is the same as this blog. This basically entails 4 things. First you increase the width of the Outer Wrapper and then you increase the width of the Header and then the two columns inside the outer wrapper. This would be the Post column and then the Sidebar column. Lastly you increase the width of your Footer.

You can click on all images to enlarge them.

Step One

Open "Layout" and choose the "Edit HTML" option.

Note: I am using the Minima Template for this demonstration - if you have a different template just find the appropriate section - the steps are the same.

Step Two

Scroll down to the Header section and change the Header Wrapper width to 820px

Step Three

Scroll down to the Outer Wrapper section and change the width to 850px

Step Four

Change the Outer Wrapper "Text-Align" to "left"

Step Five

Change the Main Wrapper width to 550px - this is located right below the Outer Wrapper section. The Main Wrapper is your Post Column.

Step Six

Change the Main Wrapper "float" to "left".

Step Seven

Change the Sidebar Wrapper width to 270px. The Sidebar Wrapper is located right below the Main Wrapper.

Step Eight

Change the Sidebar Wrapper "float" to "right".

Step Nine

Scroll down to the Footer section and change the width to 850px.

Click "Save Template" and you are done.

This is what you have just done;

You widened the size of your usable blog space to 850px. ( The Outer Wrapper )

Inside the Outer Wrapper you have changed the width of the Three Sections that make up your blog.

1) The Header section - 820px

2) The Main Wrapper section which consists of your two columns;

- The Post Column - 550px
- The Sidebar column - 270px

3) The Footer section - 850px

You will notice the Header section is 30px less than the Outer Wrapper.

The two columns add up to 820px - also 30px less than the Outer Wrapper.

I have made the Footer the same size as the Outer Wrapper.

You can play with different widths but be sure that none of the other wrappers add up to more pixels than what you set the Outer Wrapper at. Your two columns should be at least 30px less than the Outer Wrapper so that they have a space between the two columns. The Header should be a little less as you don't want it bleeding right to the edge. (It just looks better) The Footer can be the same width as the Outer Wrapper.



New Version of WordPress 2.5 is Released!

There are good news came to the WordPress Blogging Platform fans. New software WordPress 2.5 has been released today, marking significant improvements and bringing new functional features to the bloggers. Among the obvious software enhanced features are multi-file uploading, one-click plug-in upgrades, built-in galleries, customizable dashboard, salted passwords and cookie encryption, media library, a WYSIWYG that doesn’t mess with your code, concurrent post editing protection, full-screen writing, and search that covers posts and pages. One of the biggest changes is related to better appearance of the administration backend, which is described as being a “Cleaner, faster, less cluttered dashboard.” It is now widget friendly, and users can include items such as stats, matching the functionality of MovableType Blogging Platform.

Some User Features Details:

Dashboard Widgets- the dashboard home page includes different widgets, showing fun stats about your posting, latest comments, people linking to you, new and popular plug-ins, and WordPress news. All the widgets are customizable for the administrator’s convenience.

Multi-file upload with progress bar - in the previous software release, uploading large files or multiple files was a long and unreliable process. User could upload just one image at a time. Now you can select a whole of folder images or music or videos at once and software will monitor the progress of each upload.

EXIF extraction - if you upload JPEG files with EXIF metadata (like camera make and model, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, et al.) software will record all the data into custom fields you can use in your template.

Search posts and pages - in the previous version search used to cover just posts, now it includes pages as well, and new themes can style or sort pages differently in presented results.

Tag management - you can now add, rename, delete, and managed your tags from inside WordPress, with no additional plug-ins.

Password strength meter - software reports the strength of your password, helping you to pick a secure one.

Concurrent editing protection - a big improvement achieved in the editing abilities for multi-author blogs. Now if you open a post at the moment when someone else is editing, WordPress locks it and prevents you from saving your changes until the other person is done.

Plug-in upgrades - automatic downloading and installing the upgrade for plug-ins you use. Depending on your host setup, you may, however, be asked for your FTP password.

Visual post editor- Authors express the improvement to the editor by the statement “it doesn’t mess with your code anymore.” Software is now using version 3.0 of TinyMCE, which ensures a better compatibility with Safari, and improves integration and interaction with complex HTML.

Built-in galleries- when you take advantage of multi-file upload to upload a bunch of photos, you can much easier embed picture galleries into your page. It will display all your thumbnails and captions linking each picture to a page where people can comment on the individual photos.

The software downloading link:

A brief video tutorial for some of the features:

Brief Overview of WordPress 2.5

Sources and Additional Reading:

Attract traffic using Blog TopSites

Joining Blog TopSites are one of the ways to bring traffic(Free!) to your blog. It takes just a bit of effort on your part to get going. Generally, you will need to register with the site and get your blog approved. Once approved you get your personalized code block that you need to add to your blog. This code will help visitors of your blog to vote for your blog. The more votes you get, the higher you climb on the list and are more likely to get more visitors.

Here's a small list of Blog Topsites where you can register your blog :

Technorati Widget for Blogger

Add to Technorati Favorites is a collection of large number of blogs and is visited by people all over the world looking for blogs to browse. Your objective should be to get visitors from to visit your blog.

The first step in this process would be to join Technorati and go through the "Claiming your Blog" process. You are more likely to attract more visitors, if your blog is ranked high on Technorati. So get the Technorati Widget and request your visitors to vote for your blog.

Here's how you get your widget. Sign into [Opens in a New Window] with your user id and password.

In your account area, Click on the link labelled "Favorites" on the Technorati navigation bar. On the next screen, Under the sidebar heading "Ins and Outs", find the link to your favorite button, where it says :

"Buttons: Help Technorati members favorite your blog with a button."

If you have added multiple blogs to Technorati, you will have to select a blog from the combo box to generate the code for that blog. The page generates three different code blocks. choose the one that suits your page and copy the code and paste into your template(Classic Templates users). XML blogger users read the post on How to add HTML or JavaScript into blogger.

Feedjit Widget for Blogger offers 4 widgets for bloggers and webmasters.

The most popular feedjit widget(which you may have seen on other blogs already) is the "Live Traffic Feed" Widget.

If you are a Blogger Layouts(XML Blogger) or TypePad user, the readymade widget on the site will install the code on your blog in a few clicks. Other blogs and websites will have to copy-paste the code from the site into their template.

Creative Commons License for Blogger

Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from "All Rights Reserved" to "Some Rights Reserved."

To get the creative commons license for your blog go to [ Opens in a New Window ]. On the top of the page, click "License you work" link to continue. On the next screen you can select the licensing options for your blog.

After you select your license you can choose a graphic for the license and the HTML code will be generated on the page.

Classic templates users of blogger can copy-paste the HTML code into their template. XML Blogger users see this post on How to add HTML/JavaScript to Blogger.

ShoutBox for Blogger

What is cooler than a guestbook, chat and bulletin board? It's a Shoutbox from

This is a feature packed free service for blogs and websites. Here's a list of features that offers

You can add this shoutbox to your blogger blogs after an easy and fast registration process. After Registration you are given a ID/Password, with which you have to login to access your shoutbox management area. Select the link "Code Generation" and set the options for your shoutbox( or leave the default settings, you can always change that later! ) and click "Generate Code".

Classic templates users of blogger can copy-paste the HTML code into their template. XML Blogger users see this post on How to add HTML/JavaScript to Blogger.

25 Popular Free Image Storage Hosts for Bloggers

With tight competition in the blogosphere for visitors and their attention, bloggers need to consider not just providing a fresh unique and interesting content, but also provide blog posts design to grab visitors’ attention. One of the elements of this post design enhancement is images. There are multiple reasons to use pictures inside the posts. Among them:

  • Visualizing the topic of discussion;
  • Grabbing readers’ attention (great for making your RSS feed readers stop and read);
  • Drawing people’s eye down a post beyond the first few lines;
  • Illustrating examples;
  • Giving your blog a more personal touch;
  • Engaging the emotions and senses of readers;
  • Giving posts more authority.

In most blogging platforms, you can load images directly to your host. However, there are many advantages of posting your images at the special image hosting servers. Among them:

  • Image files, stored on third-party sites (many of them offer free services), can be used anywhere you might need them: blogs, social networking sites, message boards, etc. If you load images, for example, on Blogger, you cannot use them on any other location besides BlogSpot domain.
  • Storing images on offsite account saves disk space from your blog hosting account.
  • Very strong advantage is that it saves your bandwidth from the blog hosting account and uses the third-party bandwidth. So, be sure that you images host allows hot linking; otherwise, it will be useless for you.
  • It is easy because you get various codes that can be used on blogs, forums, message boards, and social communities.
  • Several images hosting sites even are offering you share of the ads-generated income, so by doing what you need to do for your blog design, you get additional passive income from images, stored on the server, exposure.

For your convenience, I have compiled the list of 25 most popular free image hosting sites on RateItAll with brief description, access links, and rating:

Additional Reading:

Bringing more traffic to your blog - March 21, 2008 - 3rd Ed.

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Not all the comments are born equal, or how to respect your customer

Continuing a topic of using comments to increase you blog exposure, started in my previous post, I want to look on that from other side. Comments, left by your readers on your blog, are even more valuable than the comments you are leaving on other blogs. Why? Very simple. You leave comments to improve your blog exposure, to get more rating and referring links. All that to get more potential visitors. But, reader of your blog, leaving you a comment, has already came. And not just came, but also read your post and is willing to spend his valuable time, sharing his thoughts on the article or asking related question. What might be better than that? Show your respect and appreciation - respond ASAP, giving your feedback and encouraging further communication.

Yesterday, I visited a Web Site ReapMoneyOnline , presenting list of the free High Page Rank Non-reciprocal Directories (directories that do not require link exchanges for posting blogs). I left a comment, asking authors (Jennie and Bong) their opinion, if they recommend submitting a blog to all of 100 presented directories, or there is a minimum PR, where the time investment is justifiable. They feedback was instant and complete: "Webmasters have different views on PR. In fact, a lot will choose hundreds of inbound links over a high PR because they bring in real targeted traffic (we click on a link because we think we can use what we will find at the other end). Some were also able to rank high in the SERPs for their chosen keywords even with a low PR. These are directories, which people also use to find websites related to the information they need (like the SEs). If they provide us dofollow links then we get 2 birds with 1 stone.
However, directory submission is only part of our link-building strategy. But yes, we are trying to get RMO into as many as possible over a period of time (going at a rate of 15-30 directories per week). Unfortunately, we haven’t done any ROI study on our link-building efforts.
The “minimum” PR depends on us and our goals. Some webmasters who flip sites work to get them to PR4 before selling. Others sell at PR7, which definitely takes longer but also fetches a higher price. For us, the higher it is, the better, since we’re pushing RMO as our flagship blog".
As you see, blog owners spent their time and attention to give a very thoughtful answer, converting me as accidental visitor to the devoted visitor. With this attitude, I will be back soon.

Let's highlight what we can learn from this example:

  1. Site has a valuable information, encouraging visitors participation. This is, definitely, a core of the successful blog.
  2. Blog has disabled the nofollow tag, so every comment will result in link to your blog, improving your blog rating. An additional reason for people to visit the blog, read it, and leave feedbacks.
  3. Authors do not passively enjoy incoming traffic, but activity communicate with their visitors, giving informative and instant recommendations. I noticed, that this particular case is not an exception. Every comment receives immediate reply.

As customer support manager in a High Tech company, I know, that it is good to find a new customer, but it is more valuable, if the customer comes to you again and again. Blogging should follow the same marketing rules, where respect for the client will be always appreciated and paid back.

Comments as source of a free traffic to your blog

In the course of investigation of the possible ways of bringing more traffic to the blog, leaving comments on other people blogs popped out as an acknowledged legitimate way of getting more exposure to your own blog (

In this post, I want to review the commenting features and commenting techniques to increase the possible benefits in more details.

  1. Leaving informative comments. Comments leaving technique brings the best outcomes when your comments are informative. Do not simply say “Good post” unless you have nothing else to say and yet you want to complement and encourage the author for the post. Avoid posting unrelated comments, targeting just your own exposure appearance, as it might give you more harm than profit. A thought provoking bloggers reaction or at least a meaningful quality comment only will get you good traffic. However, your controversial post should be justified and expressed politely, like in every intelligent interpersonal communication.
  2. Leaving comments on the blogs with content that is related to your own blog topic of discussion. It is recommended to invest your time in the blog that are related to your own blogs in terms of the placement niche, topics of discussion, or somehow logically connected to your own posts. The reader, impressed be your post in the politics, might want to check your blog for more information about your views and bout yourselves as a person. He follows your link and gets to the blog, related to football. If the visitor is not a football fan, he will leave immediately, and will not be able to enjoy your thoughtful posts, just because he is not interested in football.
  3. Your brand name and popularity. The blogging world is big, but there are popular blogs, popular names, you meet again and again in the blogosphere. Active participation brings your name higher on the reader’s perception lists, definitely, if you post quality, informative, and interesting comments. You get more popularity and your blogs get it too. Eventually, you build the constantly increasing group of followers that are waiting for your posts and when seeing your comment on their own or other blogs, they are drawing to read them just because they see your signature. Popularity does not come overnight, it is result of long, time-consuming, brand marketing strategy, so do not expect immediate returns, applying it.
  4. Direct traffic to your blog. Blogging experts found a direct relationship between amounts of the valuable posts you make on other blogs with numbers of the received comments on your own blogs. So, the simple recommendation is - do invest your time in the commenting marketing technique and you will see immediate return on investment (ROI) through increased traffic you get.
  5. Backlinks. Following straightforward backlinks targeting approach might be considered as artificial by some experts. But, it is fully legitimate and, as you following the appropriate, quality content submission guidelines, it will give you the guarantied automatic traffic. Look through the database of the blogs having the “no follow” link disabled from the comments, which means that if you comment on these sites, you will get an actual link. Excellent D-list with more than 200 applicable blogs can be found through the link: If you prefer posting your comments strictly on high page rank pages from these blogs, go in Google and type there: site:URL of blog from the list and choose high page rank pages on which you can leave comments.
  6. Virtual personal relationship. By commenting on the blogs, you can create informal virtual personal relationship with the author of the blog. Leaving your comments regularly in famous blogs, you can even form good relationship with the top bloggers. It is not easy to get accepted to the top bloggers circle, but who said that your posts are not worth to be on the top?

Additional Reading:

Internet Safety Advice : Deceptive Text Links

On the Internet, we all come across text links that are linked to other pages/sites. When these links are clicked they take us to a new destination. for example [ ], link takes you to google homepage as expected. However, a harmless looking text link could be a deceptive link that could lead to a site specifically set up for stealing personal information.

Here's an example of what Iam talking about

The above link takes you to the yahoo homepage instead of As HTML coders will point out, links are constructed with two pieces of vital information : destination url and anchor text

Anchor text is displayed to the user as a clickable link and destination url is where the link is intended to go. in the first example both the destination url and anchor text are the same and therefore the link works as expected, however in the next example the destination url has been modified to link to instead of and therefore the user is taken to

How can this be a threat to me? you might ask. Let us imagine this scenario. You are browsing a random site and you are presented a link to login to your gmail/hotmail/yahoo mail, where you will get the link to download some goodies. the page that opens looks exactly like the regular web mail service you use, but this random site has used a deceptive link to take you to a different site that has been cleverly constructed to match the look and feel of your regular web mail. Once you enter your email address and password on this site, it is logged and the security has been compromised.

How can you protect your personal information from deceptive links? Firstly, do not blindly trust the links on every site. To get to your regular web mail service, type the URL in the Address Bar to get to Web Mail Service.

Utterz-Updating your Blog through Mobile Phone

How can you keep regular posting to your blog, if you out in the mountains for backpacking trip? How to be the first reporting hot news in your blog, while you are not in the vicinity of any computer? Utterz have an answer for you. This service is available for the end of last year, but it just now came to my attention, and I am going to test it next week. For, now, wanted to share with you the information available on this free online service. With Utterz, you can instantly blog your experiences, thoughts and
ideas, anywhere, using the capabilities of your mobile phone. Utterz combines together the voice, video, pictures, and text you call or send in and creates an
complex multimedia message that can be immediately posted on your existing blogs on the most popular platforms, as Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, LiveJournal, MySpace and more. You do not even have to be a registered member to use the company services, but you have some nice additional features, if and when you join the site. If you do not have a cellular phone, you can leave a voice message through any phone, and your post will appear on your blog in 10 minutes. The easiest way to get started is just call a listed on the Web Site phone number 712-432-6666 and record a voice message. Then snap a picture or video from your phone and send with some text to You can choose one of the options: or posting message to Utterz and your blog or web page, just Utterz, or just your web page.

Access the site:
Review the brief video tutorial on the services use outline:

Updating your Blog through Mobile Phone

Additional reading:

BlogSpreading: Spread a word about your Blog

Adding links to your Blog in your email signature is a well-known and well-accepted promotion technique. A small free utility helps to enhance this advertising channel. Blogspreading will automatically append a link to the latest post in your blog to your e-mail signature instead of referring to the standard Blog link, not driving much attention of your message recipients. A good title of your latest post will surely evoke more interest than a blind URL. This might encourage your friends and colleagues to actually access your Blog through a Hyperlink and eventually become devoted readers and supporters of your Blog. All e-mail clients allow automatic adding of a signature to outgoing message. The signature is stored in an external text file. Blogspreading processes this file in such a way that it always contains link to the latest post. You signature automatically changes after each new post added to your blog: if the recipient didn’t like yesterday’s title, maybe he will be interested in the new one?

Link for downloading:

site visitor