Bringing more traffic to your blog - July 18, 2008 - 6th Ed.

Welcome to the Sixth, July 18, 2008 edition of "Bringing more traffic to your blog" Blog Carnival. Some statistics: Submitted Articles - 102. Published Articles - 43. I want to thank all the authors contributing to the issue. Some articles were excluded from the review, since their topic of discussion did not match the main target of the carnival. I am sorry, that not all submissions were accepted, as some of the excluded articles carried a significant value.

Matthew Paulson presents Professional Website Promotion for Small Business Owners posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Michel Fortin presents This Plugin Increases Membership Conversions posted at The Michel Fortin Blog.

Kelly presents 10 Great Tips & Wordpress Plugins To Increase Blog Comments posted at Kelly Stone.

Amanda Moore presents Down and Dirty Blog Carnival Submission Technique posted at AMVA - Amanda Moore Virtual Assistant, saying, "Submitting your posts to a blog carnival doesn’t have to take all day. This process will make it quick and painless."

Amanda Moore presents Reader Question: Are Blog Carnivals Worth Your Time? posted at AMVA - Amanda Moore Virtual Assistant, saying, "Blog Carnivals can be a great way to drive traffic, but traffic is just a small part in a larger picture. Make sure you know all the benefits of participating in Carnivals."

J presents Online Bookmarking ToolsBlog Bookmarking Tools Tech News Beats posted at TechNewsBeats, saying, "The online bookmarking space is bursting at the seems and to put all the buttons for all services will make you page cluttered. So here is help, use the single button multiple ability bookmarking tools. This also can bring more traffic to your blog."

George Tzenos presents Article Marketing - get targetted traffic to your site posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "how to generate traffic online writing articles and using article sites"

Mathew Needleman presents Advice for New Bloggers posted at Open Court Blog.

Bryan presents 5 Surprising Traffic Secrets posted at The Capitalist Guide Blog.

George Tzenos presents Tools to help generate traffic to your site articulately! posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "not sure what to blog about?? a great way to increase your presence online using the tips in this article you can create articles in less than 8 minutes... and then submit to article directories and point readers to your blog.. increase your google page rank"

Social D presents Social Marketing Traffic Experiment Updated Results Video posted at Social Networking Bookmark Domination.

vjack presents Blogging Tip #5: Using Blog Carnivals posted at Atheist Revolution.

Danogo presents Get Visitor Traffic for Your Music Site or Blog Using Music Directories posted at - Dan-O’s Music Blog, saying, "Learn how to get your music site ranked higher in the search engines and get more visitor traffic"

Traffic2mypage presents Youtubing your Web Traffic posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "How to redirect traffic to your page by using youtube. This blog will teach you how to create a point of difference"

Traffic2mypage presents Youtube Web Traffic System - Video Review posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "bring more traffic to your blog using youtube marketing. Gives compelling reasons why to use youtube and also highlights two key steps for getting more people to view your video"

Mama Bear presents How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog posted at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill.

Chris presents 20 Tips to get 100.000 Visitors in just 11 months… posted at nomad4ever.

seanjames presents The Five Easiest Ways to Flood your Site with Targeted Traffic! posted at Practical Jokes.

terry dean presents The Truth About Traffic posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Traffic2mypage presents Have you heard about Blog Carnivals?? posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "A step by step informative guide on how to submit your blog posts to a blog carnival, increasing your backlinks and generating web traffic"

Steven Lohrenz presents Want V Needs posted at Steven Lohrenz.

terry dean presents Quality Website Traffic posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

terry dean presents 10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic for Beginners posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

terry dean presents 7 Steps for Generating Free Traffic From Stumbleupon posted at Integrity Business Blog by Terry Dean.

Ben presents Stumble Upon Meme to increase your web traffic posted at Ben’s Blog.

Peter Lee presents How To Get Repeat Visitors To Your Blog Work From Home Business Blog posted at Work From Home Business Blog.

Matthew Paulson presents Email Newsletter Benefits for Small Business Owners posted at American Entrepreneurship.

Liz presents 5 Strange Tricks To P-U-L-L People’s Eyeballs Into Your Sales Letter posted at Nitro Marketing Blog, saying, "It’s no secret that without an effective, attention-grabbing headline, your sales letter can be completely useless. Here are 5 very unusual tricks you can use right away to stop anyone in their tracks."

Traffic2mypage presents » Using OPB to build your web traffic - Introduction posted at Traffic2MyPage Blog, saying, "this is about how to increase web traffic to your site by using OBP... ’Other People’s Blogs’ to redirect traffic to your page.. a step by step guide and a 6 part series"

marcus clayton presents Increase on line traffic - 5400 FREE Backlinks posted at Increase Your On Line Traffic - Tools And Tips.

Kenotn Newby presents Blog Carnival Strategies - 5 Tips for Getting the Most From Your Blog Carnival Submissions posted at

Carl Ringwall presents Call Only To The Readers That Are Ready posted at Data SystemsPlus.

Danny Dagan presents How to Write for Google - SEO Article #2 That Danny! posted at That Danny, saying, "A primer on how to write so that your blog appears at the top of Google results for your niche."

Muhammad Fahmi Al-Bachtimi presents Tips to Increase Adsense Earning in 30 Days posted at Online Information, saying, "CTR an acronym of Click Through Rate which will you get from your site/blog apart from whatever advertisement program you joined, it will depends on how much visitors you will get every day"

Shelley Larson presents Wordpress Business Blogs Disk 1 posted at Libertad Pura S.A..

Marcus Hochstadt presents Increase Ranking With Contextual Linking posted at Marcus Hochstadt, saying, "Many people have a link page on their Web site, whereby it is a more effective way to have quality links by using contextual linking."

Mr. Javo presents How Long Should Be a Post? posted at Mr. Javo dot Com, saying, "Before to start writing, you should organize your ideas. I recommend you to set priorities, tags or keywords, which you could clear your mind and this way, you will be writing a good post. The post length is not too important, as long as you write good content and keep your thoughts focused in a point."

Traffic2mypage presents Using OBP to increase web traffic - Part I - StumbleUpon posted at, saying, "This is a unique method i use on how to increase web traffic to your site using stumbleupon to find blogs to comment on that are active"

nepspeed82 presents Rave-Up Your Traffic with Reviews posted at ulupongdotcom, saying, "Although far from becoming popular in Social Bookmarking sites, reviews can bring regular traffic but works better in the long run."

Mr. Javo presents How Important It’s The Title For A Post? posted at Mr. Javo dot Com, saying, "The title is the first impression of the post, and because of that, you need to learn how to write a title correctly. The title is definitely one of the most important part of the post. Most of the time, people will only get to read the title and if the title is not catchy or attractive enough, then no matter how good the content is, no one will be reading it."

Alex_Sysoef presents 7 Facebook Apps Every Blogger Must Have posted at WordPress Web 2.0 How-To Spot-er, saying, "While standalone Facebook portal provides you with plenty options - its interactivity and usefulness factor greatly multiplied through the usage of the Apps provided by other developers. In fact as a blogger you have a superb way to promote your content on Facebook and get yourself additional audience… More Traffic! Could You Use Some? In this post I’ll discuss 7 Facebook Apps Every Blogger Must Have."

Mr. Javo presents Things You Should Consider When You Are Going To Write A Guest Post posted at Mr. Javo dot Com, saying, "Writing a guest post is not an easy task, you need to do your best and consider some factors that you usually skip on your own blog... This post attempts to give you an idea of the factors you need to consider to write successfully a post in other blog."

Amanda Harris presents Ideas to gain more visitors! posted at Pajama Mommy.

Hops presents How to track all your blog mentions posted at Hop To It!.

Alex_Sysoef presents PHP Speedy Turns WordPress Into Speed Demon posted at WordPress Web 2.0 How-To Spot-er, saying, "Well, not really :lol: , but it made a great headline, don’t you think?! But don’t be disappointed as in this post I want to share yet another great option for speeding up your blog - PHP Speedy for WordPress. After all - faster your blog loads, less chances that visitor leaves. Let’s Turn WordPress Into Speed Demon using PHP Speedy plugin!"

Madeleine Begun Kane presents Dear Newbie posted at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog.

Patrick Schwerdtfeger presents Social Media Intregration posted at Tactical Execution, saying, "Learn how you can grow your blog traffic by integrating social media platforms like facebook, twitter and utterz."

Paul Piotrowski presents Is Blogging For You? posted at Inspired Money Maker.

Traffic2mypage presents Using OBP to increase web traffic - Part II - Digg posted at, saying, "This series of posts will show you how to find the best user rated blogs online to comment on that get a tonne of traffic... increase backlinks, market your website and build your reputation online! "

Carl Ringwall presents Get More Backlinks By Sharing Your Posts posted at Data SystemsPlus.

Carl Ringwall presents For Creating Good-Looking Posts, LiveWriter Rocks! (It?s also free) posted at Data SystemsPlus.

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To - How To Promote Your Podiobook posted at George L Smyth, saying, "J.C. Hutchins explains the best and most efficient ways to promote your podiobook or podcast."

Alex_Sysoef presents CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love posted at WordPress Web 2.0 How-To Spot-er, saying, "Link building is a never ending process for the bloggers and everyone knows that the more incoming links we get - better we rank in SERP’s and more traffic we get. I have already previously wrote about CommentLuv plugin that help you do just that and what perhaps even better - do it by simply commenting on other blogs! In this post I will discuss several important aspects to get it just right in order to receive greatest benefits not only in form of traffic but also getting DoFollow links to the deeper internal pages of your blog. I promise not to leave a stone unturned and get you all the info you need!"

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of bringing more traffic to your blog using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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